7 Reasons Why I say Hello to HelloFresh!

HelloFresh is a meal-in-a-box subscription service. It’s easy, healthy and I am loving it. It has made my life so much easier and I love easy! Let me give you a reason for every day of the week! At the end I will share a coupon code with you so you can try it and experience it for yourself.

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On Monday we Say Goodbye to Tantrums in the Store

With kids I don’t want to get out of my house and go to the store. Who has time for it anyway. I also don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking what I want to make for dinner. What I DO want is to serve them something that is healthy and something that we all will enjoy eating.


On Tuesday we say Hello to Fresh Pre-Portioned Ingredients

Actually HelloFresh offers a little bit more than just pre-portioned ingredients. All the ingredients for one meal are packaged together in one bag and the bag is labeled. All you have to do is get your recipe card and find your labeled bag from the box and you are ready to start cooking. After my HelloFresh box arrives I store the bags in my fridge. So when I’m ready to prepare my dinner I just grab my bag from my fridge. It works for me!

On Wednesday we are Thankful for Easy to Follow Step-by-Step Recipes

The recipes are so easy to follow, I love to prepare the meals with my kids. I don’t like to do the shopping together, but the cooking is so much fun. And it is educational too! Plus, we all like to cook. One kiddo is reading aloud the recipe and is delegating tasks and the other kids all love to help chopping the vegetables. Best of all is, they love to eat the food they prepared.

On Thursday we Value that Ingredients are Packaged Separately

This is extremely important since we have allergies. I have celiac and my son has a peanut allergy. We have more allergies, but I wanted to highlight these 2. When I choose my meals for the week I make sure that it is something with rice or potatoes. I can swap out the other ingredients with things I do have at home, like gluten free soy sauce. So if you have allergies, make sure to check what you are ordering, because they do not have a gluten free option. They do have a vegetarian option, in case you are vegetarian.

On Friday we Celebrate the Nailed It Feeling

Since I started with HelloFresh I have prepared recipes I never thought I could. And I feel so proud. Some of the recipes were way out of my comfort zone and they turned out great. I experienced a feeling of accomplishment which was reinforced when my kids asked for seconds.

On Saturday we are Eating Out while Eating In

Choose a Gourmet meal and prepare a meal that you would eat at a restaurant. Perfect for a celebration or a date night. On the recipe card, HelloFresh gives recommendations for wine to go with the meal.

On Sunday we enjoy The Healthy Option

If you could choose to a fast bite at a fast food restaurant or preparing your own healthy meal at home for the same cost, what would you choose? I know my answer! HelloFresh for sure! Delivery to my front door, same wait time for the kids, unless they help preparing, more quality time and creation of magic moments and healthier.

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