Suddenly my Picky Eater Eats!

picky eater

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It’s been 2.5 weeks since we made the decision to slowly transition to vegan and I can’t believe it. My picky eater eats!

In my book, slowly means, we finish wat we have and don’t buy any new non-vegan food. Slowly in my husbands vocabulary means S..L…O….W…..L……Y. Like, taking your time – slow. Almost sloth – slow.

Maybe now I’m just being unkind. Sorry!

I asked you all not to judge me, so it would be nice of me not to judge him. Okay, done. He IS eating everything I have been cooking and he does say he likes it.

It’s a Miracle, Our Picky Eater Eats!

No, my husband is not the picky eater I was referring to when I started typing this post. It’s my oldest son. He always had difficulty with eating. And dinner time always has been a drag.

But the last two weeks. Wow, he eats like I almost believe he likes the food. Sure, no meat present is a big plus for him I guess. He is a texture eater. And I am really happy he is eating. But we also have been bribing the kids with ice cream. Home made sorbet ice cream.

They love the ice cream. But as a rule, they have to eat what they choose to put on their plates. If they finish it, yay, ice cream. If not, we don’t have dessert. Which we normally don’t have.

But it works wonders. It increases the food types he’s trying out and afterwards he makes dessert from frozen fruit and almond or coconut milk. And dinnertime ends nicely.

Do you have a trick to help your kids to eat? Share in the comments. I love to hear ALL about it. XOXO

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