Is Chocolate Vegan?

Wow! It’s day 5 and I am craving chocolate. I did mention we are transitioning slowly right? Or did I only discuss that with my husband and haven’t shared that yet?

Well, first we’re going to clean out our pantry, our fridge and our freezer. But everything that is coming into our house will be vegan. That being said, I am craving chocolate and my kids really want chicken and pizza with pepperoni and cheese for dinner. What to do?

Chocolate can be vegan right?

I know I will laugh about this in a couple of months, but now, I’m learning as I’m going along. Taking each day at the time. So please don’t judge me!

My husband caved and the kids did have chicken and pizza for dinner. We’ll get there.

And regarding the chocolate… My sweet husband got me a 90% cocoa chocolate bar from Lindt. And these are vegan! The Lindt Excellence 70%, 85%, 90% and 99% cocao dark chocolate are vegan. However even though the dark chocolate itself doesn’t contain gluten, and this is tricky for me since I have celiac disease, it could contain traces of gluten due to cross contamination. This is making me sad though, because it is not stated on the wrapper.

Thanks for following along on this journey. See you soon! XOXO

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