And so it begins… We’re going VEGAN!

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It’s Christmas Eve and we’re enjoying a lovely meal. Rich with organic whole foods. Beautiful meats, France cheeses, gluten free bread, vegetables and for the children, gluten free pancakes. It is a whole foods feast.

However, that evening I feel sick. Again! And that night is even worse. I’m up all night. I will spare you the grosse details. The next morning my husband and I discuss things and we make a drastic decision. Even though we love meat, and fish, and eggs, and cheese, and don’t forget about ice cream. We decide to go vegan. We will start with a trial period of a month and go from there.


My hope is to feel better, to have more energy, to have less pain. My wish is to need less pain medication, or none at all. I want to believe that it is possible, not only for me, but for my four children too. We all have the same condition (Ehlers Danlos, among other things) and I know from past experiences that eating the right food can help. I don’t know if I ever will feel less tired, especially with four boys running around. I know it’s a long shot and I don’t even know if that is ever possible. But a girl can dream, right?!

And so here we are, already on day 3.

I already noticed one big change! My urine is clear! And no, I did not have a urinary tract infection. This is big people! My urine has been unclear for over six months. I drink lots of water and herbal tea during the day. First big change!

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